The Fluets


in East Hampton, Massachusetts

Capturing the Fluet’s Enchanting East Hampton Wedding at The Boylston Rooms

Right here in East Hampton, it’s a warm and breezy June day. The Fluet’s big day is happening at the Boylston Rooms venue, and guess who’s the lucky photographer? Yep, yours truly! I get to capture every single magical second of their wedding, with the Boylston Rooms’ awesome natural light and the stunning beautiful flowers as the backdrop.

The inside of the Boylston Rooms is like a sunbeam paradise. Sunlight is pouring in through these giant windows, giving everything a dreamy glow. It’s like nature’s own spotlight, making each photo feel like a work of art. And the Fluet’s? Oh boy, they’re like movie stars standing in that light. The bride’s dress shines like something out of a fairy tale, and the groom? Well, he’s grinning like there’s no tomorrow.

But wait, there’s more! The flowers, I mean, wowza! They’re everywhere, and they’re wild! It’s like a flower explosion in there. They’re like these beautiful, colorful frames for the pictures. You can almost smell them through the photos.

The ceremony is a rollercoaster of feelings. With all of the floral and the natural light dancing around, the Fluet’s are saying their “I do’s,” making sure every teary eye, goofy grin, and sweet hug is caught forever.

Yet, it’s the surrounding floral masterpiece that truly steals the show. “Incredible” would be an understatement to describe the sheer opulence and artistry of the blooms adorning every corner. The lavish arrangements frame each shot with grace, a tangible representation of the love unfurling on this remarkable day.

Now, the party’s on! As the day turns into evening, the Boylston Rooms change their vibe, going all romantic and cozy. The toasts are heartwarming, the dance floor is a blast, and the memories? They’re being made in every corner.

Being the one to freeze the Fluet’s big day in pictures is an absolute honor. It reminds me how awesome it is when love, light, and nature’s prettiness come together to make a day truly special. And trust me, these are pics that’ll be making people smile for a long, long time.

Cheers to the Fluets!


Photographer: Clay Taylor Photo | @claytaylorphoto

Venue: The Boylston Rooms | @boylstonrooms

Floral: The Botaniste | @thebotaniste.easthampton

Bridal Styling: Moonstone Bridal | @moonstonebridal

DJ: DJ Kevin Buynicki | @djkvntz