The Fourniers


in Acton, Maine

in Acton, Maine at The Everlee

In the quaint town of Acton, Maine, nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, Julia and Larry embarked on a journey of eternal love at the charming new venue, The Everlee. As their chosen photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the magic and romance of their beautiful wedding day, filled with laughter, joy, and heartfelt moments.

The Everlee, with its rustic charm and idyllic setting, provided the perfect backdrop for Julia and Larry’s celebration. From the lush greenery to the quaint barn-inspired architecture, every detail of the venue exuded a sense of rustic elegance, creating an enchanting atmosphere for their special day.

As the sun bathed the venue in its golden hues, Julia and Larry exchanged vows under a canopy of towering trees, surrounded by their loved ones. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement, as the couple pledged their love and commitment to one another in a touching ceremony that echoed with heartfelt promises.

Throughout the day, I had the pleasure of capturing candid moments of tenderness and affection shared between Julia and Larry, as well as the genuine joy radiating from their guests. From the heartfelt embraces to the tearful speeches, each moment was a testament to the depth of their love and the bond they shared.

As the evening descended, the celebration continued with music, laughter, and dancing under the starlit sky. The Everlee transformed into a magical wonderland, illuminated by twinkling lights and the glow of love that surrounded Julia and Larry.

As their photographer, I strived to capture not just images, but the essence of Julia and Larry’s love story – a tale of two souls united in a bond that would withstand the test of time. Their wedding day at The Everlee will forever be etched in their hearts and memories, a testament to the beauty of love and the magic of new beginnings.