The Hoibergs


in Westbrook, CT

at Water’s Edge Resort and Spa in Westbrook, CT

In the heart of Westbrook, Connecticut, amidst the tranquil waves of Long Island Sound, Christian and Liz embarked on their journey of eternal love. As their photographer on this blissful summer day, I had the honor of witnessing and capturing the profound moments of their union at the picturesque Water’s Edge Resort and Spa.

From the first glimmering rays of the morning sun to the soft hues of sunset, every moment of Christian and Liz’s wedding day was infused with a radiant joy that mirrored the beauty of their love. The gentle breeze carried whispers of excitement as preparations unfolded, each detail meticulously crafted to reflect their unique bond.

Against the backdrop of the resort’s breathtaking coastal views, Christian and Liz exchanged vows, enveloped in an aura of serenity and devotion. The love radiating between them was palpable, filling the air with warmth and tenderness.

As the ceremony concluded, the newlyweds and their guests gathered for a celebration that sparkled with laughter, music, and heartfelt toasts. From the elegantly adorned tables to the twinkle of fairy lights under the starry sky, every element of the reception exuded an enchanting charm.

As their photographer, I had the privilege of capturing not just images but memories that would last a lifetime. From stolen glances to shared laughter, each photograph immortalized the essence of Christian and Liz’s love story – a tale of two souls intertwined in a journey of unwavering commitment and boundless affection.

Christian and Liz’s wedding day came to a close, leaving behind memories that would forever be cherished. In the heart of Westbrook, amidst the enchanting allure of Water’s Edge Resort and Spa, two souls had embarked on a new chapter of their lives, bound together by an unbreakable bond of love.