The Moclairs


in Nahant, Massachussets

A Breathtaking Summer Kickoff: The Moclairs Gorgeous Nahant Wedding

The day starts off getting ready at The Hotel Salem – a beautiful hotel surrounded by so much history in the town of Salem.

Jen and Will’s love story unfolds against the stunning backdrop of Nahant, Massachusetts, at the Oceanview of Nahant venue, it isn’t just nature that is capturing hearts. As the photographer privileged to document their special day, I have the incredible opportunity to freeze their beautiful moments in time, creating memories as enduring as their love.

Underneath the blue sky that seems to stretch endlessly over the waters, Jen and Will’s wedding is a sight to behold. The Oceanview of Nahant provides the perfect canvas for their romance to unfold, with every shot reflecting the harmonious blend of their love and the captivating surroundings. With the stunning Oceanview of Nahant as their backdrop, Jen and Will exchange their vows on a day that seems straight out of a fairytale. The picturesque scene is set with the deep blue skies seamlessly blending into the crystal-clear waters, creating a panorama that words could hardly do justice. As the gentle ocean breeze rustles through the air, it seems as though nature itself is joining in the celebration.

Jen is a vision of elegance in her flowing white gown, her smile radiant as she walks down the aisle towards her waiting groom. Will, dressed in a navy suit, looks on with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. The love between them is palpable, and their vows resonates with everyone present, a testament to the deep connection they share.

As the ceremony progressed, I document the shared laughter, tender embraces, and heartfelt exchanges that marked the occasion. The natural beauty of the venue magnificently accentuated in every frame, framing the couple in a picture-perfect embrace as they embark on this new journey together.

During the reception, the atmosphere is electric. Guests dance and celebrate the joy of the newlyweds. Every candid shot captures the authentic emotions of the day, from the exuberant cheers to the emotional speeches, ensuring that the memories will remain as vivid as the day they were made.

Jen and Will’s wedding isn’t just a celebration of their love – it is a testament to the beauty of life’s most precious moments. As a witness and a documenter, I am honored to play a role in preserving their memories. Their Nahant wedding kicks off the summer of 2023 in the most heartwarming way, and as the sun dipped beneath the horizon, I knew that the photographs captured would forever shine as bright as the love they share.

In the end, it wasn’t isn’t a wedding. It is a symphony of emotions, a dance of love, and I, as the photographer, am humbled to have a front-row seat to the magic.

Cheers to the Moclairs!!


Photographer: Clay Taylor Photo | @claytaylorphoto

Hotel: The Hotel Salem | @stayhotelsalem

Venue: Oceanview of Nahant | @oceanviewofnahant

Hair: My Big Hair Day | @mybighairday

Makeup: Stephanie Ward Makeup | @stephaniewardmakeup

DJ: First Class Weddings | @firstclassweddings

Cake: Brooke Wilder | @b.wildbakingco